A peer learning event that explores how technology is changing the way we work, how we learn and where we live, implications of technological innovations in these areas for wealth and income inequalities in the U.S and how technology can be harnessed to reduce inequalities, expand opportunity and promote broadly shared prosperity.


T O P I C S   O F   I N T E R E S T

Workplace evolution

Explore how AI and automation are changing the nature of work, skill requirements and job quality.

Education and learning

Explore how technology can support new models of education including remote learning, adaptive learning and immersive learning and prepare youth and adults for the jobs of the future.

Creating places of opportunity

Spark a conversation on how technology can support entrepreneurship, strengthen transportation connections and improve public services in historically disinvested neighborhoods.

Big data and analytics

A dialogue on how we can ensure that big data (and new analytic techniques to process big data) are used to overcome inequalities/discrimination and reveal opportunities to promote inclusion.

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